The Sustainable Village Project

Sustainability in Tillington

Helping the planet is no longer something we can leave to other people.

We are all encouraged to do as much as we reasonably can to work towards a more sustainable world. We can do this on an individual, household, community or national level. This runs across 4 main issues: climate change; recycling; biodiversity; environment.

Tillington Parish Council is now launching a major project to enable these things to be improved at a community level. This will start very simply, and only develop in line with our ability and enthusiasm.

It is easy to be ‘too busy’ to get involved, but please look at it as a once in a lifetime chance to make a real, local difference for our generation and the ones that follow. If you can, please sign up as a participating household.


  1. We are part of the solution, not the problem
  2. Limited, measurable  and achievable
  3. Involvement of as many people as possible
  4. Communication both ways, including brand new parish website.


What is involved?

What your parish council will do

• Give regular guidance on renewable energy options and grants available

• Give simple guidance on recycling, and then increase community facilities

• Improve the play area on the rec, and the footpaths, to help people enjoy the outdoors

• Help on accessing grants for loft insulation, especially for the elderly

• Drive an initiative on rain water tanks for toilet flushing etc

• Run quarterly training evenings in the village hall on different sustainability themes

• Campaign for better bus services, to help get fewer cars on the road

• Get a minimum of one electric car charging point by the village hall


What you can do to help

• Join the project by signing up below

• Ensure that your own household is as sustainable as possible

• Support pollinators by agreeing not to mow lawns in the month of May (‘No Mow May’) and plant bee-friendly plants where possible

• Put up a swift, bat or own nesting box, or an insect house, near your house

• Commit to joining a (two hour) litter picking party or footpath maintenance party each quarter to help improve our local environment

• Help us become a more sustainable village, by offering your sustainability recommendations and expertise to the council (via the contact page of this website)


West Sussex Energy Advice Service

A Citizens Advice and District Council scheme to help you make your home more energy efficient

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