A parish charity was founded in 1711 by the Stiles brothers and others of the parish, for the benefit of the poor and sick. Having been administered through the church until the 20th century, and by the parish council until 1985, the charity is now in the hands of a group of trustees. 

Although it was set up over 300 years ago, the Trust’s objectives remain as relevant today as they were when originally drafted. It seeks the furtherance of education and the relief of poverty and sickness, as well as the provision of recreation and social facilities within the parish where financial circumstances allow. 

Throughout its history, Tillington Charitable Trust has provided help to many parishioners, including the provision of books for education, as well as food, medicines and coal supplies. Most recently, a cheque for £500 was presented to Tillington Cricket Club to help provide training and kit for young players, and a parish resident was assisted with the purchase of text books and specialised equipment for their university course.

Anyone can apply for a grant, and the Trustees are keen to make additional awards in the furtherance of Trust objectives, so if parishioners have any suggestions or requests, please do get in contact.

Trustee details:

• Hugh Rolfe: 01798 861369
• Mike Wheller: 01798 342680
• Lee Lavington: 01798 344489
• Andrina Lunt: 01730 344877