Come and join us for our first fun community litter pick on the 11th May at 11am-1pm. All equipment will be provided, just bring yourselves! From the Tillington Parish Council



Litter in the Parish (letter from Adrian Konieczny):


I have lived in the Petworth area for 50 years and I’ve become increasingly disgusted by the huge amount of litter and rubbish which is strewn alongside virtually every road I drive, walk or ride my bike along.
This is a nationwide problem and a national crisis & there is precious little said or done about it by government authorities – resulting in literally millions of tons of polluting rubbish lying all around us.
I have recently starting collecting rubbish from alongside the roads in the Petworth area and whilst a lot of it is visible, most of it isn’t and it’s only when you get up close do you realise the incredible amount which is embedded in the verges, undergrowth and hedges.
I have recently collected over 200kg of rubbish/litter from Kingspit Lane, a mile long country road just outside of Petworth and a lot of it had clearly been there for decades. And every other road & country lane I’ve tried to clean in the Petworth area has been just as bad.
It’s depressing, it’s ugly, it’s polluting and it’s harmful to wildlife.
But in some small way I can help to clean up our beautiful part of this country – so thanks to the support I’ve received from our local councillor Harsha Desai and the very understanding Tillington Parish Council, I now have the opportunity to invite residents of the Tillington Parish to join me one Saturday afternoon every couple of months for a “clean up session” alongside the roads leading in and out of Tillington, Upperton and River.
I will assess the roads beforehand to see which are in most urgent need of attention but it’s usually quiet country lanes in between residential areas that are badly affected and never cleaned by anyone.
Hi-viz bibs, bags, and litter picking equipment will be provided.
Adrian Konieczny