On Thursday May 5th, an historic occasion will take place, claiming an unrecorded Right of Way for the people of Tillington as a new Permissive Path.

The new Permissive Footpath runs south from Tillington towards the River Rother.   From the A272 crossroads, go south down Coxsland Lane, past Abbie’s Tillington Stables. Then, instead of having to walk two sides of a triangle, the new Path now goes straight for 1000 metres between the reservoir and the sewage works towards the River Rother. It will legalise an unofficial footpath.

See the attached map, showing the path as a purple dashed line. Now it will be less than a mile to the river.

Lord Egremont has graciously agreed to cut the tape on Thursday May 5th at 2.30, and everybody will be welcome.

The last time this Path was shown on the map was 1901, but, significantly, was not registered in 1949 for the Definite Map of Rights of Way and thus losing the right to walk on it.  This new Path is now correcting this. Thank goodness for Permissive Paths!

A Permissive Path is a legal agreement between landowners (in this case the Leconfield Estate) & the County Council to allow the public to walk on their land.

The Estate and Lord Egremont have been most co-operative and given us a 10 Year Agreement, at the end of which it can either be renewed or the land reverts to the owners. The only restriction is that one day a year – in our case the first Monday of February – the path is out of bounds.

Please come and walk on it as it is the most pleasant way to walk to the river which is only one mile from the village. The surface is good, the path is very wide and you may hear skylarks. The large open sky is a bonus.

Please come along and support this great occasion on Thursday 5th May. Refreshments and cake to celebrate.


Tillington’s Footpath Warden