The Community Minibus Association (West Sussex) is a registered charity and has been providing door to door transport services since its initial service in early 1976.  The organisation is unique in that it is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, in varying roles such as drivers, passenger escorts, booking staff, fleet managers, divisional organisers and others who ensure the day to day running of the charity.

In the past residents from Tillington have used the Petworth minibus and I would like to remind you that it is still there for you.

Membership subscriptions (currently £8.00pa) and trip fees are maintained at very affordable levels. More passengers are welcome, from all age groups. Associate Membership is also available to local clubs and associations interested in using a minibus at an annual fee of £45.00.

Does a group of you want to go out for a meal, go to the theatre and a sports event? This could be an ideal way of getting there. Each bus holds can carry 11 people which includes an escort and a driver.

The charity very much sees its role as providing a social service to the local community, and particularly for passengers in isolated areas, who otherwise would be unable to travel to the shopping centres, neighbouring towns and local clubs. With comfort and safety of passengers as a primary function, our drivers are put through their paces in a brief assessment led by one of the team of training supervisors. Passenger escorts are also on hand to help with passenger pick up, as well as delivering those heavy shopping bags to your door!

Registered passengers are able to join regular trips to shopping centres, lunches, seaside locations, social events and also to special excursions.


Passengers, Group members, and Volunteers are always welcome. Please contact the Petworth Divisional Organiser Caroline Stoneman on 01798 342 942, visit our website or view our facebook page for more information.