Dear Fellow Parishioners,

One of the benefits of lockdown has been the much reduced number of bikes rushing in and out of the village. However as Andrew Griffith shares in his open letter with the weather improving and Covid restrictions easing this will soon change. The working group of parishes met on April 1st to hear from the Police.

The Police will be implementing their Operation Downsway again this summer and have asked each Parish to highlight areas of particular concern so that they can apply their resources with local intelligence. For Tillington we have asked them to concentrate on Sat and Sun mornings between 6-9am on vehicles approaching the 40mph restricted zones along the A272. The logic being that this is the time when circuit “racers” are taking advantage of quite roads and being particularly antisocial. I hope they will get out early enough to make an impression. Chief Inspector Jon Carter is quite determined to make a difference but observes that ultimately anti-social road use is an education issue. The law as it stands does unfortunately not give them the powers to prosecute for antisocial road use and noise.

I know many of you are particularly vexed by this issue. Beyond what is being achieved by the engagement of Police if a group would like to come together to promote the particular cause of Tillington then please let me know.

Yours sincerely,